Yves Mattern, Lignoa GmbH

Wood is the oldest fiber composite material in the world and at the same time, a sustainable and high-performance material for the future of lightweight construction. I am already looking forward to LightCon 2021, where the latest innovations and developments for this high-tech material will be presented.

Tassilo Witte, CTC GmbH

It was great to be part of the LightCon Preview Week and I was very happy about the positive and interested reactions of the many participants. It's nice to see that the important topic of CFRP recycling receives such a lot of attention.

Dr. Christian Hamm, Alfred-Wegener-Institut

Over millions of years evolution has produced a variety of highly efficient structures and designs. Some aspects have already been successfully integrated into product development, while at the same time we can learn much more from nature for lightweight construction. As a new lightweight construction platform, LightCon offers a great place to transfer this knowledge into innovative lightweight construction solutions across all materials.

Stefanie Brickwede, Mobility goes Additive e.V.

Many innovative technologies have been developed and implemented in the field of additive manufacturing in recent years. Thanks to an optimized use of the material, the lightweight construction potential in 3D printing is very high. Let's get in touch at the LightCon 2021 to find your best possible solution!

Dr. Nico Liebers, DLR

The use of innovative sensors and intelligent process simulation in the manufacture of lightweight structures will significantly increase production efficiency and ensure better lightweight products. Find out at LightCon 2021 how you can optimize your processes as well!